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At Top Tier Fire Protection, our comprehensive range of services is tailored to meet all your fire protection needs:


Our expert team specializes in designing custom fire sprinkler systems that are meticulously tailored to your unique space. We consider every aspect of your property to create an efficient, effective, and reliable fire suppression system.

Fire sprinkler system design involves creating a comprehensive plan for the installation and layout of fire sprinklers within a building or structure.

This design process takes into account the specific fire hazards and risks associated with the location, the building’s layout, occupancy, and applicable fire safety codes and regulations. The goal is to strategically place sprinkler heads and piping to ensure efficient and effective coverage in the event of a fire.

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Count on us for flawless execution when it comes to installing fire sprinkler systems. We use state-of-the-art equipment and adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure your property is equipped with a top-tier fire protection solution.

The fire sprinkler system installation process is a critical step in ensuring the safety of a building and its occupants. It involves the physical implementation of the design plan and the assembly of all necessary components.

A properly installed fire sprinkler system is a vital component of a building’s fire protection strategy, providing a rapid response to fires and helping to prevent their escalation. Installation must be carried out by qualified professionals following local building codes and industry standards to ensure its effectiveness and reliability.


Safety is paramount, and our thorough inspections ensure that your fire sprinkler system complies with all regulations. We conduct meticulous assessments to identify any potential concerns and provide timely solutions to keep your property protected.

Fire sprinkler system inspections are critical to ensure that these life-saving systems function as intended.

Regular fire sprinkler system inspections are crucial to maintaining the reliability and effectiveness of these systems. They help ensure the safety of building occupants and protect property by detecting and addressing potential issues before they become major problems during a fire emergency.

Maintenance & repairs

In the unfortunate event of a malfunction or damage, our skilled technicians are ready to spring into action. We swiftly diagnose issues and provide expert repairs to restore your fire sprinkler system to its full functionality.

Fire sprinkler system maintenance is essential to keep these critical life-saving systems in optimal working condition.

The fire sprinkler system repair process involves addressing and rectifying any issues, malfunctions, or damage that may have been identified during inspections or maintenance. The fire sprinkler system repair process is essential to maintain the reliability and effectiveness of the system. Prompt and professional repairs ensure the system can respond effectively during a fire, safeguarding lives and property.

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Why choose Top Tier Fire Protection?

Our certified technicians have undergone rigorous training and education in fire protection engineering and technology. They possess the knowledge and expertise needed to design, install, inspect, maintain, and repair fire sprinkler systems effectively and in compliance with safety codes and regulations.

At Top Tier Fire Protection, we offer ongoing support, guidance, and updates to ensure your fire sprinkler system remains up-to-date and compliant with evolving regulations.


Yes, Top Tier Fire Protection offers 24-hour emergency service. Please contact us for more information.

Most sprinkler heads contain a small bulb with a colored liquid inside. This bulb acts as a plug to prevent water from escaping out of the sprinkler. The heat from a fire causes this liquid to quickly expand. Once the pressure in the vial gets too high, the bulb bursts and releases the water behind it.

The liquid inside the bulbs comes in a variety of colors, and each color represents the temperature required to activate the sprinkler:

  • Orange – 135°F
  • Red – 155°F
  • Yellow – 174°F
  • Green – 200°F
  • Blue – 286°F
  • Purple – 360°F
  • Black – 440°F

If your building features fire sprinklers, chances are good you also need a fire pump. This machine ensures every sprinkler in the building receives enough water to extinguish a fast-growing blaze. If the pressure drops, the fire pump turns on automatically to increase the water flow to an adequate level.

Water pressure is most likely to be a problem in high-rises, large buildings, and structures with ground-level water tanks. These types of properties need fire pumps the most, though we install them in other buildings as well.

Here are some steps to follow but may vary based on the extinguisher at your facility. It is always best to notify the fire department when a fire is present so they can assist you in what should be done and send help as needed.

  1. Pull the pin to release the lock or seal
  2. Aim the nozzle of the extinguisher low, pointing at the base of the flame
  3. Squeeze the handle to release the extinguishing agent
  4. Move the nozzle from left to right covering the base of the flames until the fire dies out
  5. Watch the fire to make sure it does not reignite 

The most common causes of fires are cooking equipment, heating equipment, electrical and lighting equipment, smoking materials, and intentional fires. By knowing what may cause a fire, your business can take proper precautions to prevent damage to your property.